Łeba Days

During the organized event both local dwellers and tourists will learn how to grill meals healthily and flavoursome for themselves or for the whole families of theirs.

Welcome to summer, Leba-Wicko 2014

Let’s welcome the summer in Leba in 2014 together. As soon as 28th June interesting bands will perform for you in Leba and the “Sea Adventure” will make any child curious.

5th the Championships of Poland in coastal and beach angling

The competition will take place in individual and team classification, in two sectors, by a four-turn system, with two turns every day of the competition according to “Rules of organisation of sport angling of the Polish Angling Association”.

Kite Day

Children from primary schools construct kites. First classes will start during the winter holidays in the City Library and will be continued within the school classes.

The opening ceremony of the “Swans Pond”

Catch and let go competition (a social picnic)

place: The Swans Pond in Leba