Łeba Days

4-6 July 2014 the Grilling Championships: “Beer Festival 2014”
(Culinary Contest: “Marine Grilling!”)
During the organized event both local dwellers and tourists will learn how to grill meals healthily and flavoursome for themselves or for the whole families of theirs. During the event they will be able to make themselves acquainted with, apart from the equipment and accessories that come in handy during a family picnic, the rich offer of little family breweries, which prepare beer according to ancient recipes. During the event it will be possible to get and try for free all food products and also take part in interesting workshops about brewing beer and safe lighting of bonfires and hearths.
organiser: The mayor of Łeba, Tourist Information Centre in Łeba****, Recreative Group Wroclaw
place: Fisherman's Square in Łeba Morska street