Minibus trips to Stilo lighthouse

The Stilo lighthouse has been built by Germans on the foundation of concrete and white granite. It was assembled from prefabricates made of cast steel fastened with screws.
There are three such constructions in the world, two of which are in Europe.
The first lighting was fuelled with gas - with a burner, mirrors and prisms, afterwards it was incandescent - with a 2500 W light bulb, mirrors and prisms. The current has been halogen bulbs for 15 years giving the light beam of power at least 1200 W/12 V, powered from mains. In case of power failure it switches to a generator unit and batteries - 6 pieces, every with 100 Ah, all in all makes a reserve for 18 h. The lights are turned on by a photocell and traditionally - manually.
In the past a sound signal was also used. The whole sound cycle took 30 s and in fog it could be heard from 6 to 12 miles.