Minibus trips to Szymbark

In the Centre you can see the statue of Kashubian Swietowid, which symbolises the religiousness, diligence, obstinacy, and patriotism of the people of Kashuby.

One of the first facilities that can be seen during sightseeing in the Education Centre in Szymbark, is Dom Harcerza.

We live in the world, in which ingenuity is a precondition of success. The Centre for Education and Promotion of the Region is a widely known place, which abounds in interesting ideas. The Longest Plank in the World is one of them. 

The Table of the Nobel Prize Laureate, which memorizes the Nobel Peace Prize The prize, which was granted in times when communism in Europe was still holding fast, has given hope for all Polish people that the principal changes would soon occur.

Museum of Housekeeping displays various kinds of tools used in carpentry, wheel righting, agriculture, catering, medicine and household, which originate from the period between the 18th century and the World War 2.

House of Siberian convict, i.e. a wooden house brought from around Irkuck and reassembled in Szymbark!

In Education Centre in Szymbark we can see the replica of a manor house brought here from Salino settlement, which lies near Wejherow. Such buildings were common in former Poland, in which the nobility constituted a significant part of the society and even the poorer nobility erected manor houses, which symbolized the continuity of tradition and culture.

The upside-down house. This building was conceived as the allegory of the present world, in which tradition and values system has been turned upside down.

On 30th of December 2010 in the Centre for Education and Promotion of the Region in Szymbark the largest playing piano in the world was unveiled.