Tourist attractions


Leba is one of the most famous holiday resorts in Poland. It has wonderful microclimate with health values. Its assets are clean, wide, sandy beaches and proximity of Slowinski National Park, in which you can see the famous moving dunes.


Almost 300 thousand persons visit quicksands in Leba every year. Everybody aims at getting to the top of Lacka Mountain, which, with its more than 30 meters of height, is the most attractive of all dunes within the precincts of SNP. From its summit a visitor may admire the enchanting vista of Leba Spit

Sea Park Sarbsk

The Park is thematically connected to marine and oceanic fauna and flora, and to the history of Pomerania region. Its main attractions include: The Marine Seal Aquarium, Prehistoric 3D Oceanarium, Park with Marine Animal Models, Maritime Museum, the 5D Cinema, Little Pirate Agility Park and Miniature Park with Lighthouses Models provide great fun and rest for the whole family.

Power Park Łeba

Leba Power Park is a unique leisure park on the area of 2 hectares, in which we prepared many attractions for you: 3 kart tracks, a rope park with six trails, a Pendulum Jump, a Climbing Wall, a paintball field, an Off-Road Track, a Quad track for children, a Playground for the youngest, a Shooting Range and gastronomic facilities.

Dinosaur Park

Leba Park offers to its visitors a meeting with a hundred of realistic statues of dinosaurs and of other creatures which inhabited Earth 65 million years ago reproduced in the 1:1 scale.

The largest 3D Maze in Poland

The maze in Leba Park invites you to visit our construction, which lies at Wspolna Street, near Polo Market